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[27 Jul 2004|09:50pm]
[ mood | sexy ]

holy smoke! i havnt wrote in this thing in a bijillion years !


 well.. i thought long and hard about what i was going to do.. i started smoking pot again.i chilled with tom yesterday. fun fun. i got my eyebrow pierced<33! its sex. god why is every one saying that.


 sex= an act with two humans.

 sex= cool

woot! i broke up with brittnie cause she liks to cheat on me with some freak.woot..im loved. but who caress cause im going out with jen! wooot. <;3 i love you.


 oh well... good byeee

>_ [24 Jun 2004|11:19pm]
[ mood | worried ]

dear alecia,

what has happened to you? im doing this because i care about you as my friend. all you do is smoke weed and do cocaine and im sure you probably do others. do you know how horrible you are ? you take money from your parents

to buy drugs. and ive heard this before " he only gives me a bag for $5"...thats great. a dime bag...your becoming a dirtbag.all you do is drugs. your life doesnt consist of anything else. its disgusting. please get some help. im saying this in the nicest way. ok..so therapy and rehab didnt help tom a bit..but it might help you. spending $120 a week on drugs is disgusting...you could of saved all of the $120 a week this whole year...and you could of bought...cds=) or somthing not related to drugs.

 your friend



[07 Jun 2004|03:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hi. my name is erick..and i neglect my poor innocent journal.


im sorry lj..MY LJS NAME IS BOB!

im sorry bob...i love you <3!

go out with me ?

thats what i thought...

you fucking hate me.

i know im ugly.

i know im not greati know this.

i know i had a drug problem.

spread the aids.

[03 Jun 2004|03:47pm]
[ mood | creative ]

i hate the fucking ninth grade.


i havnt even started my fucking portfolio. and i dont really care? its due 8:00am on monday...fuck that i havnt wrote in here for so long. hmm yeah. year books tommorow...this is gonna be sickk...and soon the formal which i will not be attending...yep..later

[01 Jun 2004|10:01pm]


 i'd stop the world and melt with you...

- mest



[17 May 2004|10:52pm]

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[15 May 2004|01:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

happy bday mr.malcoms <3Collapse )

[14 May 2004|07:47pm]

sorry my pics dont loadCollapse )

my pictures dont load. [14 May 2004|07:44pm]

[14 May 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | creative ]

cross your fingersCollapse )

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