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face first on the floor
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hi..my name is erick and i used to spell it like eric, but i changed it. and i am very hot. i have aids..from this nasty girl..kelly,who got it from some kid named john..who got it from this other slut named alicia..and so on. i used to do alot alot alot of drugs but now im cleannn and sXe. drinking isnt cool either.but i enjoy going to the beach and walking to the fort just to see whats going on there..i also spend my days at the combs`s house. which is very fun. since well kristina lives there and shes the coolest kid everrrrr. and her favorite word is hiii. and she drinks iced tea and lemondade together<3.tom does heroin..which is very bad..and i like pancakes. i love you mommy.

hi im erick.